My Health Record App

The My Health Record app provides you a holistic view of your health, your care providers and your health plan - empowering you to own your data and easily engage with your insurer and all your care providers through a secure standards-driven access.


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Using the My Health Record app patients can stay on top of their and their family’s health plan coverage, access their virtual membership card, view and contact their primary provider as well as other recent providers, view the history of the health care services (explanation of benefits) they have availed and view all their medical records (including allergies, medications, labs, vaccinations and fitness information)! Soon the app will also let patients schedule and manage appointments with their providers and quickly complete their pre-appointment steps even before stepping into the provider’s office! The My Health Record app is offered to the patients through their insurer’s health plan and/or their healthcare provider (e.g. primary provider, specialistic or medical facility). All information that is displayed in the app is made available by the patient’s plan or provider who has trusted Agnos and permitted the My Health Record app to present this information. We don’t store or analyze any of the presented information!