b.well Connected Health

b.well enables the digital transformation in healthcare that consumers are demanding. We work with healthcare organizations as the middleware for interoperability and aggregation, consolidating disparate data and point solutions in real-time to deliver one seamless experience to consumers.


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The b.well Connected Health platform is comprised of five core products that work together to enable our customers with a configurable and personalized digital health experience for their populations. We provide the healthcare eco-system with a long overdue middleware for interoperability and aggregation that works horizontally across the system to consolidate a 360 view of real time data and that works vertically to integrate the rapidly-growing point solutions to provide healthcare services and support to consumers that is timely and relevant to their needs.

This is especially needed due to the recent onset and progression of coronavirus. COVID-19 brings us a new normal one where communication with loved ones, triaging at-home, access to virtual medical care, and consumer education are needed.