Ciitizen is an online platform for patients - beginning with cancer patients - to collect and share their records digitally, free of charge.


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Ciitizen helps patients - beginningwith cancer patients - collect, summarize, and sharetheir medical records digitally, free of charge. Ciitizen leverages the HIPAA Right of Access to assure patients can access all of their medical records, including images, notes, pathology reports, and genomic/genetic test results. Patients can then share that information to get a second opinion, to determine eligibility for clinical trials, coordinate with caregivers, or donate it to research. A patient’s medical information cannot be shared by Ciitizen (whether identified or de-identified) without the patient’s consent.

Ciitizen is in beta (not open to the general public)and currently enrolling cancer patients and, throughpilots, patients with rare conditions and their families.