iBlueButton securely aggregates Medicare claim, VA and EHRs with AI powered analytics for individualized care guidelines.


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iBlueButton is the first Medicare approved and one of only three VA approved mobile apps. The patient facing application aggregates health records on the user’s mobile device with no PHI processed or stored in the cloud for individual privacy protection.

iBlueButton creates an interactive Summary Record with detailed listings of medications, conditions, lab results in graphical display, providers with their contact info, etc... Users receive personalized care guidelines for better management of their chronic conditions and can access specific MedlinePlus information with the ability to share their medical history and patient generated information.

For healthcare providers and public and private payers, the AI powered iBlueButton Cloud Services platform processes, aggregates, analyzes and organizes claim, EMR, and connected device data to help deliver safer and more cost-effective healthcare at both the individual patient and population health level.