Family and caregiver engagement platform for discovering, coordinating and managing the whole care process and care journey


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Families want to help love ones stay in their communities, but resources and services are complex and fragmented. Communities and improved living conditions are the key to all of us living and aging well. Caregivers are critical in supporting daily living needs and social determinants of health. Livpact is a single technology platform that provides caregivers and families a gateway to tools, resources, and services all in one place. It aggregates needed information, enables navigation, management and coordination and tailors these actions to specific care giving situations. The platform: supports caregiver tasks throughout the caregiving journey. Caregivers and care recipients can: manage daily tasks; coordinate with the whole team; find support services and resources; maintain their complete medical record and plan for their care and living journey. Family caregivers access the platform on a smart phone, tablet or computer. They can invite all of the people in their loved ones’ support networks, informal and formal, and give them access to information and tools as they see appropriate to the team members’ roles and responsibilities.