60% American adults have at least one chronic condition. 50% of people with chronic conditions do not take their medications properly. Whether it’s for themselves or the people they love, managing and understanding medications and related health conditions can be stressful and affect mental and physical health. With MyMeds, consumers can take care of themselves and their entire family, all in one digital platform.


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MyMeds is the world’s most comprehensive medication experience platform for consumers. Through our patented Digital + Human ACE (Adhere, Connect, Engage) platform, users can track and manage medications, have access to expert “Med Coaches,” and learn about health conditions for themselves and their loved ones. ALL IN REAL-TIME. MyMeds is the only solution in the country that is connected to PBMs (for employees, health plan members and dependents) and Medicare (for elderly parents) to obtain real- time medication history data. Users have access to world-class education. Our partnership with Mayo Clinic™ (the #1 most trusted healthcare organization in the world) allows us to provide curated and personalized content for users. There is also real-time data exchange between users, PBMs and clinical teams.