OneRecord is a consumer-facing application that enables patients access & aggregate their health data using interoperability standards based APIs.


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OneRecord is a consumer-facing application that enables patients to access, aggregate, and consolidate their healthcare data using standards-based APIs. We started OneRecord to end the frustrating search for our information when it comes to our most precious asset – our health.

OneRecord supports industry stakeholders in meeting national healthcare IT initiatives so healthcare professionals can focus less on routing information and more on patient care. Built on best practices as defined in interoperability standards, OneRecord leverages a combination of HL7 FHIR and IHE profiles to transform C32, (CDA) CCDA, and FHIR resources for the user to have and to own across the entire health care ecosystem. The platform’s architecture positions OneRecord to quickly adopt any connectivity strategies to access different data types as they become available to the consumer.

OneRecord is a web-based application that secure, scalable, and device agnostic.