List Your Health App

Here is the process for listing your application on our website.

  1. Please fill out this form to submit your app for review. (Note: There is no charge to list your application on the website.)
  2. A member of our team will reach out and schedule a meeting with you and your team
  3. During the call, please be prepared to discuss the following:
    1. Review the information you submitted on the website to ensure everything is accurate
    2. Provide the MyHealthApplication team a live demonstration of your application in production
    3. Review the CARIN code of conduct in detail and request your CEO sign the code of conduct
    4. Discuss your business model and how it aligns with the CARIN code of conduct
    5. High-level discussion of the FHIR API endpoints you have connected to in production (e.g., CMS Blue Button 2.0, etc.)
  4. Once we’ve successfully completed these steps, we will list your application on the site.

Selected Supported Platforms:

Are you willing to attest that you will follow the principles specified in the CARIN Code of Conduct in your terms and conditions and privacy practices?